Coded Welding

Coded Welding Services

OLBY Mechanical offers all aspects of coded welding for the Industrial and Commercial sectors, in our dedicated workshop based in the heart of the Midlands or on your premises or site. We can carry out welding in all aspects of steelwork assembly, structural steelwork, pipeline assembly, and pipework installation/repair.

In addition to this, OLBY Mechanical has numerous welding engineers who are all disciplined in different welding processes. All our welders are regularly assessed and tested within their dedicated discipline to varying standards.

We can carry out welds to your own specific specifications and welding procedures or to ours, using various welding techniques on all materials.

Weld Procedures & Weld Testing

Not every weld is the same and unless your coded welder has a weld procedure to match his weld qualification, then his weld can be deemed as unacceptable to certain governing bodies.

Any insurance work will be required to provide a Weld Procedure, and a current Weld Qualification for the welder to match the weld required. OLBY Mechanical can produce weld procedures to suit your individual design process and certification requirements if needed.

This enables us to be capable of welding and testing to the highest of standards and therefore, meet all insurance certification requirements needed for the purposes or any legislation required.

Furthermore, OLBY Mechanical can also provide weld testing to various standards to approve the welds carried out, these can be any of the following:

  • NDT Testing (Non-Destructive Test) is the most common form of testing and the process for this is MPT (Magnetic Particle Inspection) this process is a Liquid Penetrate Inspection using electro-magnets to identify defects in the weld.
  • UT Testing (Ultrasonic Inspection) is a common test that uses ultrasound to identify weld defects and imperfections.
  • X-Ray (Radiographic Inspection) is the ultimate test, this identifies with visual identification of any defects or imperfections in the weld.

Welding Services – TIG, MIG or MMA

OLBY Mechanical provide coded welding services on all metals using either TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), MIG (Metal Inert Gas), or MMA (Manual Metal Arc) to varying standards.

All OLBY Mechanical welders are Coded Welders and tested to the highest standards and cover all qualifications Codes from: BS EN 15614, EN 287, EN ISO 9606-1, BS 4872 & ASME Section IX.

OLBY Mechanical specialises in TIG welding Stainless Steel Tube and Fittings using any size diameter pipe and wall thickness, (otherwise known as Scheduled Pipe and Fittings) in either 304L or 316L grade. We are also fabricators and Installers of “Thin wall” Stainless Steel metric pipe and fittings. The advantages of using “Thin wall” products are evident in the reduced weight of the material compared to Scheduled pipe and fittings in either Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel. This also assists with the reduced loading weight on the building and assists in reducing the installation costs of the pipework on-site.

TIG welding can also be carried out on other metals as well as Stainless Steel, this enables a cleaner weld internally and limits the requirements for flushing pipework upon completion so has benefits associated with this process.

Structural Steel Services

OLBY Mechanical can carry out your Structural Steel requirements using your design drawings and detailed specifications. We can manufacture your pre-fabricated steelwork, all carried out in our dedicated workshop and delivered to any address within the UK.

For further information regarding Structural Steelwork or any of our welding services, please contact us through our contacts page.

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Coded Welding

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