Five Things You Should Know About Chilled Water Systems

Chilled water systems provide artificial cooling to medium and large buildings by using chilled water to absorb heat from the building’s spaces, especially where individual rooms need to be controlled separately. Here are five things you need to know about chilled water systems!

Simple or Complex Configurations

Chilled water systems configurations can be simple or complex. Simple chilled cooling systems can consist of a single chiller and pump. However, more complex setups can have multiple pumps and chillers, cooling towers, heat exchanges and more.

The Importance of Glycol

The water inside the pipes is a mixture of water and glycol, which is a product to stop the water from freezing. The higher the amount of glycol, the lower the freezing point of the mixture. Glycol also protects the pipes themselves against corrosion.

Air Issues

A common problem that occurs with child water system installations is air inside the system. Once air gets in, it can stop the flow of water and leave the heat exchanger dry so that it no longer cools. Having automatic air filters stops this from happening.

Filtering the System

It’s important to keep on top of filtering the chilled water system. Using filters prevents particles from blocking the narrow pipes and keep pH levels up.

Energy & Cost Savings

A bonus of using chilled water systems is that the chiller only turns on when the water in the reservoir gets above a certain temperature. This means that if that water is within a given range, the chiller won’t be on, but the air handlers are still able to cool the rooms. This provides significant energy savings!

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