Everything you need to know about Hot Tapping

Hot Tapping is a well-recognised and well used technique by OLBY that enables a pipe to be branched off while work is carried out on it without causing disruption to the flow or purpose of the pipe. By cutting or drilling a hole into a pipe, pressure vessels and storage tanks, an opening is created that can be attached to a connector. Work can then be actioned without any inconvenience, however it is important to note that this a dangerous operation and should only be considered when it is impractical for a system to be out of use while work is carried out.

OLBY ensure a full inspection is carried out and the design and testing of the hot tapping process is implemented before work is carried out. Although a detailed process, Hot Tapping has many advantages, with the main being the completion of projects without systems being shut down.

How does hot tapping work?

Below is a step by step guide to the hot tapping procedure:

  • The hot tapping machine is mounted to the piping system
  • The cutter is assembled so that it touches the parent pipe
  • Once the cutter is through the pipe completely the rotations is stopped and the u-wires are dropped
  • The u-wires retain the cut while the cutter is withdrawn
  • Flow of fluid is stopped between the hot tap and the bypass arrangement is made
  • A vent is used to drain the fluid that is present between the hot tap locations
  • Cutting and welding is used to modify the hot taps
  • The original pressure is checked by filling between the hot taps
  • The fluid flow is started from the main pipe and by-pass machine and the hot tap machine is taken away

OLBY Mechancial Services Ltd specialise in carrying out Hot Tapping, for further information on live branch / hot tapping connections, please use our contacts page.