Metal Fabrication – The Process

It is surprising at how many items we use in everyday life are as a result of custom metal fabrication. Valuable assets we use including cars, tools, electronic appliances all make use some form of fabrication. Fabrication is a highly skilled specialism, with engineers operating to precise measurements to ensure accurate parts are produced.

What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the process of manufacturing sheet metal to specific shapes. This can be done through a variety of methods including cutting, shaping, welding, folding, and stamping.

It is usually shaped at roughly a quarter of an inch thick or less. This allows the metal to be mouldable and easily designed into required shapes.

What Is the Metal Fabrication Process?

The process of metal fabrication begins with selecting the right method. This will vary with the size of the required part, the type of end-use what it is made of.

Cutting: This is the most fundamental process in metal fabrication. It can be done via waterjet and laser cutting, chopping, sawing, shearing, and chiselling. Cutting is what turns the sheet metal into a piece of the required size and shape. Today, waterjet and laser cutting are the most common technologies utilised.

Casting: Casting is where a die forms a mould, and the fabricator pours liquid metal into it. This metal cools down and eventually turns solid, and the part is completed after removing the die.

Forging: Forging involves high-pressure machinery compresses raw metal, allowing a fabricator to bend and shape it.

Punching: Punching pre-designed patterns into the metal

Milling: Milling involves a mechanism being perforated into the metal

Drilling: A drill cuts holes into the metal using a circular drill bit

Turning: A piece of metal is placed onto a spinning platform, allowing a technician to cut it with a tool as it spins

After the initial process result in the finished part, in some cases, a secondary process is needed to finish the product, especially if two or more parts need joining together

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