Should You Use Steam Installers or a Hot Water Boiler?

The Best Choice for Your Heating

The battle between steam boilers and hot water boilers is one for the ages, but which is best? Well, the truth is that they both have pros, but one may be better for you. Let’s have a look at the differences to help you decide if it is a hot water or steam installers you need to contact.

Energy Use – Steam Installers

Both steam and hot water boilers provide energy efficiency but through different methods. Steam boilers take more energy to boil the water, using less energy for the transfer of heat. Whilst hot water boilers, don’t use as much energy to heat water but need more to transfer heat. Due to their heat transfer efficiency, steam boilers are great for colder buildings, such as old or under-insulated houses as these will take longer to heat. So, if you live in an older building, steam boilers will save you plenty on energy costs. Commercial offices and industrial buildings often use steam boilers too because they tend to be more open, colder spaces, which could be a money-saver for your business.

Additional Parts

Hot water boilers use a pump for circulation, which can be more time-efficient in dispersing boiled water through the central heating system to pipes and radiators. Steam boilers do not require a pump, instead of heating water to the boiling point, creating steam which flows through the pipes before returning to the boiler once it has done its job. The natural steam process is simpler, meaning fewer mechanical extras needed.

A hot water boiler does require additional parts including Water temperature regulator, water pressure regulator, expansive tank and circulator. Should any of these parts break or need replacing, it will increase boiler maintenance costs. You will not have this potential issue with steam boilers.

Other costs

Both steam and hot water boilers will generally cost around the same price to install, but obviously in terms of monthly heating bills, one may cost more depending on your monthly gas, electricity and oil bills, on top of possible malfunction charges from a hot water boiler.

Ultimately, it depends on the type of building you are looking to heat and if cost and energy-efficiency (steam boiler) takes priority over time-efficiency (hot water boiler)

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