What Exactly is Bio-mass?

You may have heard the term bio-mass before but what is biomass and what are its uses? Bio-mass or biomass as it’s sometimes referred to is in our industry technically described as an organic matter used as a fuel. This fuel is usually used in places such as power stations to generation a source of electricity.  This renewable energy is developed from organic materials and is a great source of power. Bio-mass is often a material that comes from plants and animals and the reason it is known as renewable is because it will never run out.

Different Bio-mass fuels

There are many biomass fuels and they are often sources that are from living material. Some of the well known examples of this are scrap lumber, certain crops. Forest debris, waste residues and manure. These materials are used for biomass as it keeps the cost low and this is a main advantage of bio-mass, it’s low cost and inhabitant nature. Remarkably enough this energy supply accounts for up to 15% of the worlds energy supply.

Biomass energy can be used for a variety of uses. From outer buildings and units to heating domestic homes to generating hot water. Therefore it is a brilliant source of general energy and also a very useful one. The UK uses biomass as a source of energy across various power plants and also has some upcoming projects at power stations which they are looking to open very soon.

As well as being mainly burnt into energy biomass can also be converted into liquid biofuels or biogas that can then be burned as fuels later in its cycle.  At OLBY Mechanical Services we have a great experience in the installation of biomass plant systems in different homes and properties throughout the UK. Browse our site to see our full list of services.