What is the meaning of “Coded Welder”?

A coded welder is somebody who has taken an exam in a welding process using a certain welding configuration (Welder Approval Test). Every individual method is specific to a certain job, however some codes are more varied and general and others are very specific. Welder approval codes are different in the UK and the USA. In the UK, the welder approval codes are completed to BS EN standards, whereas in the USA they are done to ASME IX standard.

Typically you need to qualify in a precise specification to be a coded welder as usually a welding specification is essential for the job. This means that the welder will provide a welding sample that reflects that specific job as thoroughly as possible. This is then examined by an approved test examiner to see if the welder is capable of carrying out the job. If the welder passes the test, then they are considered to be coded to the precise specification.

Although you are now coded in a certain specification, this does not mean you are qualified in another, even though you are now coded. To become a multi-coded welder you need to take a test or exam in each specification.

Coded Welders at OLBY Mechanical Services

At OLBY Mechanical Services, we have a team of multi-coded welders covering a range of diameters, thickness, materials and specifications. All of our operatives’ are welder approved and supported by a qualified welding procedure (WPQR).

OLBY Mechanical Services specialise in the following applications:

MMA– MMA is also known as stick welding as well as shielded metal arc welding. The technique is a relatively lost cost and extremely useful multipurpose. This process can be used with a wide variety of material and in all positions.

TIG– Gas tungsten arc welding is what TIG is also known as. It is commonly used where weld integrity is critical. TIG leaves no splatters whilst producing its high quality welds.

MIG– Gas metal arc welding which is also known as MIG is the most common industrial welding process. High-quality welds which are able to be produced much quicker, covering a wide variety of metals and alloys.

For more information on Coded Welding, visit our coded welding page or contact us on either 07968 007921 or 03301 331 453, or you can email at info@olbymechanical.co.uk